So, you have finished your manuscript

There are a few things you need to do before your work hits the market. Your competition is the 4.5 + million other books already out there. Bottom line, it is more important than ever to be noticed—and noticed in a good way. There are over 90.5 million devices owned by people in the US.

You have to create a marketable product, which the total package. This covers, among other things, the contents, how it is written and edited, where your book is positioned in the market, how it is listed in category and genre, trageted keywords, and many other elements. Ok, you have finished the first step and your baby is ready to launch. This is were the second part of the equation comes into play: promotion. 

Why chose us to fullfil your publishing needs?

Did you know that you could make more per unit on a digital book than you make in print. You can make more per unit as an Indie book seller than with a traditional house. But you have to know how to make your book stand out. You have to have a plan to make your book visible.

The two most important influences you can use to break out from the pack, or push your book sales to a higher level are book preparation and marketing strategy.

We use artists, writers, editors and developers to create the best conditions for your book.

There are no guarantees that you will get the response you dreamed of as you  sweated and invested in the hours of your life. There are things you must do enhance the chance for your book’s success.

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Chose what best fits your needs

Ala Carte

For more details look below

  • Website development, depending on complexity. $200 for first page (can be all on one page). More pages are $150 per page. Additional cost for content development.
  • Covers, from $150 to $400 depending on complexity.
  • Edits from $400 up depending on type of edit and word/page count. Check below for all that is included.
  • Media Kit —$150
  • Market Strategy – $500—1000
  • Formatting for digital and print distribution —$100

Let’t set up your budget



  • Determine budget -free
  • Developmental Edit
  • Copy Edit
  • Beta Read

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  • Determine budget -free
  • Developmental Edit
  • Copy Edit
  • Beta Read

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Marketing Bundle

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  • Unlimited calls
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 500 MB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 support

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Free Publishing Checklist
Download a free checklist. It will guide you through what needs to happen before your book is ready to launch. This tool is a great way to determine if you need help or just advice through the process. 


ISBNs , Bar code and Copyright

Don’t buy an ISBN (International Universal Book Number) if you don’t need one. If you intend to distribute your book through Amazon you won’t need one, otherwise you need an ISBN. You need a discrete ISBN for each form of your work, digital, print and audio.

Some reasons you should purchase an ISBN are:

  • Your book will be listed in the Books In Print database, which is consulted by publishers, retailers, and libraries world wide.
  • Your number helps you track and analyze your sales information.
  • Retailers require the number.
  • Some countries will charge an additional tax if you don’t have the number and in some countries the number is required by law.

We only set up an ISBN in the author’s name which means that the author owns that number. Some publishers will provide the ISBN but they will remain the publisher of record for the life of the book. For an Indie author we recommend that you buy your own. The writer is responsible for the cost of the ISBN.  The price decreases dramatically if you buy in bulk.

One ISBN is $125.  

10 for $295 or $29. each.

100 ISBNs for $575 or $5.75 for each.

Your best value if you expect to write series, or multiple books in multiple formats purchase  Alternatively you could purchase more ISBNs as you go but a single ISBN is incredibly expensive.

In addition, if you sell print books you will need a bar code. These can be purchased with an ISBN or separately for $25 dollars a piece. Retailers scan the bar code to get the price of the book. Once a bar code is assigned to a book the price cannot be changed without purchasing a new bar code. We use the EAN code. There are specifications for the bar code and the ISBN that must be followed.   

Developmental, Line and Proof Editing

There are four stages of edits that your work deserves.

First you do a rewrite:

You may hate this part of the process. But the self edit of your whole manuscript essential. Reading supports your feeling  your book as far as you can on your own. It should also give you a chance to sense your book’s potential. Part of this process is to read your work aloud, then read the manuscript in print. You will notice things you didn’t see on screen.

Developments or substantive edit:

In this stage a professional editor reads your book and gives you an editorial review. Developmental editing looks for the story arc, character arcs, plotting holes, pacing, and continuity of POV. This step is on the meta level. It is an overall picture of what is working, what is not working, and how you can improve your manuscript.

The editor will suggest which genre your book favors. Your advertising and cover are built on that recommendation. After you receive the developmental  review, you should discuss the points in the summary with your editor in a Zoom meeting (1 hours is included in the developmental edit). We charge by the page. A 250 -300 word page (11pt, double spaced) is $8-$10 per page. A reread of a revised manuscript is half of the first read.

Line Edit:

This stage addresses creative content, writing style, and language, use at the sentence and paragraph level. But the purpose of a line edit is not to comb your manuscript for grammatical  errors or spelling– rather, a line edit focuses on the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader. Is your language clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read? Does it convey a sense of atmosphere, emotion, and tone? Do the words you’ve chosen convey  precise meanings, or are you using broad generalizations and clichés?

Other things they will ask is does each paragraph make sense or is it confusing or redundant. They will spot light sentences that are extraneous or words that are overused. They also point out where you have run-on sentences. They weigh if the run-on sentences in dialog are part of the character’s style. In this round of editing they suggest  ways to improve your pacing or clarify your meaning. Fees for this level of editing are $1.75 per page (250-300 words, 11 point, double spaced)


This last pass is done from a print copy. Proofing is the final chance to search for typo’s missing words or words that are misused. Examples of this is using bare instead of bear or a common typo, they’re, their, or they’re. Appropriate use of punctuation, including quotation marks is also weighed. Authors who are self-publishing and on a budget may want to proofread themselves. This fee is also by the page and costs $1.25 per page.




An attention grabbing cover starts with a survey of best-selling or stylistic trends in your genre. If photography is appropriate for your cover we can composite an image from up to seven images. You might need special effects like a double exposure to make your cover unique but still conforming to your genre. You are guaranteed the proper licenses for each image.

If you want something completely unique we can create a non-photographic cover. Digital painting or a combination of painting and photography. The delivered files will be appropriate for print or for digital uses. You don’t have to worry about your files compatibility for print or digital output. We provide a print (wrap around cover with spine and back) and a digital front cover. 

Our cover creators know how to apply the correct codes ISBN or EAN, in the required place, what colors can be used and what size. The author must purchase the ISBN and EAN. Read the ISBN information.

The cover fee is based on three rounds of changes: original comp, first round of changes, final changes. Additional changes will be charged by the hour.


One of your most important tools in making your book visible is your website. There are many considerations to consider. Some of these steps you may know how to do. If so disregard. We provide all or individual pieces  as you need.

  • All of our sites are built in WordPress. We can design the site to meet your desires, without the restrictions of templates. If you want a template, we can work with that too.
  • First we research available domains. We will work with you to chose the best available domain.
  • We create headers, footers and appropriate links. Like our covers we use stock photography for the best quality images and the fastest loading speeds. But the heading should tie in with the cover and genre.
  • We design with SEO, Search Engine Optimization, in mind. Your SEO is how Google, Firefox, Bing or other search systems rank your website Part of relevance is based on appropriate  key words and use of the words in the best way to ensure a high ranking. Your images, pages and information should need to be marked by the best practices.
  • Accessibility? Using compliant guidelines insures two things; your ranking will go up and your audience expands. We are dedicated to making your site accessible to everyone to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities. We build our sites with the maximum use of W3C protocols.
  • We test each page with Accessibility standards.
  • GDPR/CCPA compliance Both CCPA and GDPR compliance requir that anyone who visits your site understands that your site might collect information and allows visitors the choice to refuse. It is also a good place to announce whether you are an affiliate site. These regulations are required for site will be used by countries in Europe (GDPR) or in California (CCPA) But protection of data gathered by cookies is becoming a privacy issue with consumers.
  • We can set up your hosting service with the safeguards you require at the lowest possible price.
  • Content and images are part of the web development. There are four rounds of approval for websites. First you will complete a questionaire that helps the you pinpoint what you like and dislike. And the scope of your project. Next a brand document will be developed for your site, including the colors, typefaces and structure. After these two steps you will look at your site and make changes. You have two more rounds to make changes. After that changes will be charged by the hour.
  • We can teach you how to update your website using the template we develop with your website. We can also find someone who will provide maintenance on a monthly basis.
  • We can set up your google analytic account so your can track all the information on who visits your site, how long they stay, and how deep they go.
  • our websites are responsive so they can be viewed on desktops, tablets and cell phones.

Media Kits

If you are going to approach bloggers or any other entity for exposure a professional media kit saves you time and makes the best possible impression. We can shape the kit to your personal strategy. It would include online files with your bio, images of your book covers, blurbs for each book, images of you in a PDF file you can send to potential reviewers. We will give you a list of reviewers you can contact. You could also use this packet to send to librarians.

Market Strategy

A marketing strategy can be your most valuable tool. It focuses your goals and creates a path to reach those goals.Every author needs a marketing plan. Creating a plan forces you to create and understand why you are writing, and what you expect from your writing in 2, 5, and 10 years.

You’ve probably heard how important a writer’s platform is, your marketing plan will gather the tools to that will increase your followers and make the most of your following. I like to include what each tool (software) needs to achieve and how to measure its success. Consider this strategy as a blueprint for when and how to roll out your book. It can be adapted to future your books with minor alterations.

Besides newsletters and reviews, you can boost your exposure on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook depending on your genre, your reader’s age and your own interests, before you invest in advertising. When your book is published you need to advertise. Not all markets produce best results. A market strategy sets the bar for your best advertising platforms and how to use them. It will guide you to where you place ads, how long to run them, how you set them up and what you expect in your ROI. When you have set up you want from your advertising, a marketing plan outlines how to create a spreadsheet so you can measure exactly how much your efforts return.

Your marketing strategy includes plans for approaching bloggers and reviewers to increase you visibility. I like link to my reviewer list, and update it in a spreadsheet.

An author needs branding. It draws loyal readers to your books. A brand sets up an expectation of what the writer is about.

We include a place to brand a series. Series need a consistent look which includes all the components, typefaces, color palettes and style sheet that cross over and marks everything you sell with your brand. Blurbs are another thing to include in your working plan. Spread sheets including key words, sometimes 1000, letting you change out the words depending on the platform, using 150+ keywords at a time.


News letters

One of the best and least expensive ways to reach and grow your reader base is through newsletters. To build that biggest base of first time and return reader you will need delivery software, and list building software. We can set up your accounts and lead you through this process. We will create the first newsletter and teach you how to create the next ones.

The services, BookFunnel and MailerLite, charge a monthly fee depending on your volume. We will teach you how to run the software or find a virtual assistant to manage this work.

Formatting For Digital and Print

When you are ready to put your book up for sale, you will need to provide your manuscript in the correct format for print and for epub. We deliver finished files you can easily upload.

We’ll need your corrected manuscript in a Word file. We will give you a template for all the information you need to include, like a bio, foreward or epilog, your other books, your ISBN is appropriate, your cover files, dedication or other front and back matter.

In return you will get venue appropriate files for digital and print output. If you want special layouts for your print book there may  be an additional charge.


Reviews are free advertising and a powerful encouragement for readers to buy your book. As part of your Marketing we can design a queries for bloggers who might review you on their blog.

We provide an active list of reviewers so you can approach them slightly before, or at the time you want to publish your book. Most don’t want to review older books.


Changes: clients are encouraged to be a part of the process. That is why we use collaboration software and allow clients to give input as the project goes. For edits, covers or some other services changes may be limited to three passes.

Time lines for projects. When the client sets up the first contact and we help them create a list of services and a budget we can also give a time line. Typical timeline for edits is two weeks. There is a rush charge if the manuscript needs to be turned around in less time.

Edits: about two weeks per level of edit.

Website: depending on length, content required takes about 2-4 weeks. This is dependent on the time it requires for the client to return edits.

Other work to be determined.

To reserve the time needed to do the project 50% is due upfront. When the files are delivered the rest of the fee is due. Ala Carte projects mean 50% of the service fee is due as each project is begun and the remainder as completed.

Packages are billed as a composite fee. The fee to begin is 50%, the remainder is due upon completion.

If a project is cancelled after it is begun will be subject additional fees based on the hours completed beyond the down payment.

Payment by PayPal or Apple Pay

I am happy to provide a free estimate.

Let’s talk about your budget, schedule and options. Chemistry is a factor in a good relationship. I have a questionaire that will help both of us start in the same place.




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