Some of our past and recent projects

Editing—developmental, line edits and proofing. One of the most important components to releasing a book on the way to success.

After our editors go through your books they are in a great position to write the best blurbs for your niche.

page from marketing plan

A marketing plan is a map. It examines your goals and investigates your target reader. Brand books are often included as marketing reports.

Marketing support services include: websites, list building and newsletter templates are part of a robust marketing plan, as is templates for social media heads, banners and ads.

Key words, categories and consistent SEO in all of your advertising, website, and author pages is key (pun intended) to your being noticed.

We routinely run surveys on the best possible keywords for our books, and update them on a regular basis.

Covers – for series and stand alone titles, broad range of styles, genres, and trends. One-of-a-kind, designed to the client’s needs. We also create reader magnets and swag materials.


Paranormal suspense series rebrand

Light Paranormal romance

Stand alone

Contemporary Sports romance

Urban fantasy

layout of pages of a brand book

Branding helps set you apart and provide a consistent look, between author pages, blogs, website and social media. If you are working on a series it helps your readers identify your titles when there is a clear style to the covers.

Marketing Plans – your path to consistant sales and the best chance of advancing a writing career.

We offer book Formatting in print and digital versions. We guarantee platform acceptible files. We set up accounts in your name for release to all markets and your royalty accounts. You own it all and you manage your earnings. We can set up the purchase of ISBNs, bar codes, domains, web hosting, and continuing email list building.