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My father was a printer and I grew up above his newspaper. When the big presses started up the whole building shook. It was after 11:00 on Wednesday night. For me it was a comforting sound. It meant that the paper would be out on time.

Since then, many things have changed in the way of communicating in the written word—one of the biggest changes is that now we make marks on screens.

My fascination with communication using symbols, print or digital, has only gotten stronger. Creating beautiful books, understanding the process that makes them, and constantly updating my skills and understanding of how to find the right home for a book is my passion. Maybe because I love to read. 

I have worked with every aspect of producing books, from manuscript to market strategy and I love to see writers and authors succeed in their passion.

I have produced 35 books, two magazines and countless websites in my career. You can find samples of my recent work here. I hope your project will soon be something else I’m proud of.


I understand your frustrations and the parts of your project you might need help with. I am also an author, illustrator and marketing consultant.

Now I focus on writing and publishing in my consulting.

Some services may take other developers and I work with the best according to the task and the author.

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“I have known Marik, since 1987. I worked as a partner in The Marketing Group and as a graphic designer when she was the publications director of a complex of world class museums. Her extreme likeabilty makes her a pleasure to work with. Her talent is an asset for any client who is lucky enough to work with her.”

Jan Woods
Graphic Designer

I like to stay in contact with my clients we go through the process. That way when they want to do their next publishing project by themselves, or hire other assistants. All files belong to the client and are provided when project is complete and paid for.

Contracts are made on both sides. No boiler plate because each project needs personalized service. We come to an agreements about what you need, reasonable milestone and what each of the parties need to provide to stay on schedule.

Changes can be suggested by either party but must be agreed upon or kill fees or extra charges may be needed.


If there are other services that you need but are not listed include that in the budget conversation. We schedule our clients so that the maximum attention can be given to each author and their deadlines.

Contact me for a free estimate.  I can suit your needs with a package or ala carte, as you require.We can talk about whether we are a fit, or I am the one to  help you reach your goals.




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